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With its own micro-climate, 250km of pristine Mediterranean coastline, a backdrop of silky dunes, and virgin pine forests, it’s easy to understand why the Costa Cálida is a firm favourite amongst British and European travellers.

The sea in the shallow region of Mar Menor warms quickly, providing a safe, steady slope that is ideal for children and water sport enthusiasts. The towns close to the coast are relaxed with the many restaurants and bars offering stunning views across the gently lapping sea.

Close to the historic town of Cartagena with its ancient architecture, fascinating museums, and significant monuments, the properties near the Costa Cálida are gaining a reputation for being some of the best value for money in the region.

Costa Cálida (meaning ‘warm coast’) has played second fiddle to other, more popular resorts in the region, such as Alicante and Benidorm, for the last 30 years, but don’t allow that to sway your opinion. The region is an absolute gem and has a recipe for one of the most inviting and beautiful places in Spain.

Its lack of popularity in the shadow of the busier, more commercialised resorts, adds to its charm and provides its visitors with a welcoming, untroubled feel.

If you have been captivated by the charm of Costa Cálida and have left wanting more, here are some tips for buying a property for sale in Mar Menor:

Find a location close to the amenities

if you are looking to buy a property in the region of Costa Cálida, you want to make sure you are close to the amenities. You don’t want the inconvenience of having to drive miles away from your property just to buy bread and wine or find that the nearest airport is an arduous commute. Also be aware that if you have children that like a change of scenery and prefer the beach, ensure that you are close to a beach with changing facilities and a safe current.

Deal with a professional who knows the area and will help you to understand the legalities

Often, it is the formalities of buying a property that stands in the way of starting a new life abroad. Don’t be perturbed by the paperwork. Some agents now work very closely with the buyer, providing hands-on service, to guide you through the procedure, adroitly assisting you, every step of the way.

Buy somewhere within a gated community

When you are staying in your home with friends and family, the advantages of living within a gated community are unquestionable and nothing is more reassuring than a gated community with 24/7 security. The trend of living in gated communities has been developing considerably within Spain. It is a luxury that is often overlooked but apartments and villas within a gated community provide peace of mind for all the family and allow more freedom for the kids to roam free and make new friends.

Consider the quiet nights out

If you don’t want to find yourself cooking each and every night, you might want to choose somewhere close to a diverse selection of good restaurants and bars. Costa Cálida has an array of great places to eat. If you aren’t averse to eating further afield, the region is renowned for some of Spain’s finest cuisine, so don’t be afraid to venture beyond the local town.

Family entertainment and leisure

Whether using the villa or apartment for a holiday or an extended stay, you are going to want to make sure that everyone is well entertained. Many people find that buying a property on a resort with a golf course provides a myriad of opportunities for the whole family. Many people who buy a property on a golf resort don’t actually play golf. When you buy a villa or an apartment in a gated community, on the edge of a world-class golf course, you know that you are buying a quality property with excellent facilities and stunning, well-maintained views. The properties that are adjoined to golf resorts not only offer the opportunity to improve one’s handicap, but they also offer exceptional standards, with first-class cuisine, friendly bars, tennis courts, a selection of swimming pools, children’s entertainment, and a welcoming community.

You will need a predictable climate

Although Spain is a country that is associated with the sun, only the region of Costa Cálida can provide year-round sunshine and an average annual temperature of 18°C that puts the UK’s whole summer to shame. You don’t want to have to worry about the weather when you go on holiday and, on Costa Cálida, it’s almost a given that the coast will remain warm and sunny.

Mar Menor – the best option for the region

If you think it is going to be difficult to find a quality villa or apartment close to the Costa Cálida, within 25 minutes of an airport, with bars and restaurants at hand, one of the best golf courses in Murcia, and within a safe, gated community, look no further than the properties at the Mar Menor Golf Resort.

Here you will find a service that goes beyond all expectations. You will be guided through the process of buying a luxury villa or apartment on the spectacular grounds of the resort and, once you’ve secured your new home, you will eceive a five-star experience in return. Find out more about Mar Menor Golf Resort.

Further answers to questions about Costa Cálida and the Mar Menor Golf Resort?

What is the nearest airport to the Mar Menor Golf Resort?

Murcia Airport is 12.2 miles away and Alicante is 42.4 miles away.

How can I get to the nearest beach from Mar Menor Golf Resort?

The nearest beach is only 5 minutes by car.

Where can I find a bargain property in Spain?

There are many places in southern Spain with an average selling price of less than £100,000.00.

Which Spanish city offers cheap properties to buy?

If you want a cheap property, stay away from the big cities like Madrid and Barcelona. Due to the propensity for architects to design modern properties around the splendour of historical significance, the cost to build new properties in these areas is significantly higher. However, if you are looking for a historical coastal city with relatively cheap properties, Southern Spain comes with a few surprises.

Are there currently any properties for sale at the Mar Menor Golf Resort?

Many quality villas and apartments for sale.

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