Mar Menor Golf Resort: The Ideal Investment Property Location

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Mar Menor Golf Resort, which inherited its name from the nearby famous saltwater lagoon Mar Menor, is located in Murcia, a vibrant city in the south-east corner of Spain, and is an ideal location for property investments. 

If you’re interested in finding your very own investment property within this hidden gem of Spain, keep on reading, as we’ve highlighted five of the best reasons why Mar Menor Golf Resort is a great investment property location.  

Is Mar Menor Golf Resort a good place to buy property? 

Mar Menor Golf Resort is a fantastic place for Spanish property investments. Whether you’re looking to move to Spain permanently, buy to rent, or have your very own holiday home paradise to return to each year, Mar Menor Golf Resort certainly won’t disappoint, and there’s luckily plenty for sale! 

Thanks to the lifestyle, culture, cuisine, sports facilities and climate, Mar Menor Golf Resort is an incredibly popular location with both tourists and expats alike. 

The resort is incredibly easy to navigate and hosts a plethora of stunning shops, cafes, and hotels, making it a versatile location that is suitable for young professionals and families. 

Transport links 

Accessible and reliable public transport links are perhaps some of the most attractive elements considered by property investors and, luckily, Mar Menor Golf Resort delivers on this front. 

From local buses that provide convenient transportation around the city to long distance trains that link the city with Madrid and other major cities such as Barcelona, you can rest assured that the region of Murcia provides transportation links that cater to all kinds of journeys. 

Conveniently, there is an airport in Murcia called Corvera International, which is only 30 minutes away from the Mar Menor Golf Resort. Or, to explore far and wide, catch a flight from Alicante airport, which is 70km away.  

Additionally, the Mar Menor area is easily explored by bicycle, which is perfect for those that are eco-conscious.  


If you’re concerned about safety and security, you’ll be pleased to know that properties within the Mar Menor Golf Resort, and the resort itself, has 24-hour security to give you peace of mind at all times.  

As for swimming, the beach of Mar Menor is highly praised for its cleanliness and safety. Due to having virtually no waves and soft sand underfoot, families with young children can happily enjoy a day out at the beach. 

And, as if it couldn’t get any better, in August 2020, Murcia also became the first region in Spain to receive the Safe Tourism Certified quality seal which was granted by the Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality (ICTE).  

Value associated with the Jack Nicklaus golf course 

Mar Menor proudly hosts six golf courses designed by golfing legend Jack Nicklaus, and Mar Menor Golf Resort is not only home to a range of absolutely stunning properties including villas and apartments, but also a magnificent 18-hole golf course. 

The prestigiousness of the courses adds increased value to properties in Mar Menor due to the level of luxury it adds to a neighbourhood, which is ideal for savvy investors looking to get involved with the buy to rent market. 

In fact, research that dates as far back as the 90’s shows how the presence of a golf course can help to increase the value of a nearby property by as much as 7.6%, and this value slowly decreases the further away properties get form the golf course. 

The Murcia real estate market 

In the second quarter of 2017, the average house price in Murcia was €971 per square meter. In 2021, we can see that house prices are now stabilising as we emerge from the market crisis. 

In fact, real estate prices are far lower now than compared to historical standards, and while some house prices in Spain may rise, the region of Murcia remains more affordable.  

Murcia beaches 

Of course, having glorious beaches nearby can be a huge selling point and luckily, the region of Murcia is home to a wide range of beaches, each with their own unique benefits. 

The Mar Menor area specially has a large selection of beaches, all with soft sand and calm bathing conditions. No matter what beach you choose to visit on the 70km stretch of coastline, you’ll be met with warm and shallow waters. 

For water sports enthusiasts, the non-tidal beach is nothing short of a haven, offering the perfect conditions for popular water sporting activities.  

Whether you’re looking to invest in a Spanish property for yourself and having a good beach nearby is important to you, or you’re looking to capitalise on the increasing market for renting properties in Mar Menor Golf Resort, high quality beaches can certainly help! 

Do you need help with your first Mar Menor Golf Resort investment property? 

If you’re interested in finding your perfect property in Mar Menor Golf Resort, the team at Andrew Brown will be more than happy to assist you. 

Get in touch today to discuss your needs and requirements and find out how we can use our 15 years of experience in real estate and navigating property investments in the area to help you make an informed decision on your investment property. 

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